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Fashion Buying Merchandising Course Overview


Are you looking to further your career in Fashion Buying or perhaps looking to change career? If so, the Fashion Buying & Merchandising QQI level 5 course could be the course for you. The course has been designed for ambitious fashion buyers, merchandisers, fashion planners, retail managers and those who are involved in fashion sales promotion. 

Fashion buyers play a key role in the retail sector. They need to continually observe, track and predict what trends consumers will follow.  

This course will teach you all the possible knowledge that you will need to know about the consumer, demographics, and about the variables that distinguish the identity of one brand from its competitors on the market. You will gain industry knowledge and be equipped with  insight on how to stay informed  about products, collections, and seasonality influence. 

He or she must be able to interpret trends, rationalise and economise the right supply plan. Fashion buyers must be equipped to choose the best collection to place in a specific store.  

During the course, students will be encouraged to attend trade shows, fashion shows and other events during the course, to ensure you are up-to-date with all the latest men’s, women’s and children’s trends. You will engage in trend forecasting to ensure that the season's collections match with consumer expectations. 

There will be a practical assessment for students, which you will find highly engaging, rather than a written exam. For the practical assessment, you will complete a project on a select organisation of your choice, as well as a collection of work made up of completed assignments done throughout the course. 

Course Aims

 To provide you with critical understanding of :

  • Relationships between retailers, buyers, manufacturers and customers
  • Characteristics, processes and terms involved in fashion merchandising
  • Role and impact of customer profiling
  • Range of current factors and influences which affect the fashion cycle
  • Different types of retailing organisations
  • Organisation charts which illustrate roles and staffing within a retail store
  • Seasonal calendars, range plans, and financial range plans
  • Boards with  customer profiles and/or factors which are influencing the cycle of fashion
  • The purpose and activities of promotion 
  • Market analysis and promotional plan for a fashion retailer
  • Analyse the importance of visual, technical and aesthetic qualities when presenting work


Fashion Buying & Merchandising FETAC level 5  Component Award

Award Body:    QQI - FETAC - Further Education Training & Awards Council




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