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Criminology & CSI courses

Criminology, and CSI Crime Scene Investigation are highly specialised courses which have grown in popularity. The courses were created for anyone interested in learning more about crime and criminology.

There are three courses that CMI offer in relation to this subject. The courses specialise  in Criminology, Crime scene Investigation and Forensic Science.

The courses are recognised by the world renowned Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences. Students can progress directly to this course without having to do the diploma.  
Courses are taught by specialists in CSI and Criminology, who provide students with a wealth of knowledge on the assessment of a crime scene and elements of criminal law. 

CSI & Criminology Diploma

Forensic Psychology Courses 

Forensic Psychology has become one of the most popular components of Psychology in recent years due to the depictions of the field in movies and television. It involves the application of psychology to the field of criminal investigation and the law. The Criminal Forensic Psychology syllabus covers everything from criminal behaviour, to identify the motives between why criminals do what they do. The thought process, intentions, and motivations behind reactions of criminals are something that will be looked at thoroughly throughout the course of study. 

After completing this course you will be able to understand the major theories that seek to explain criminal behaviour especially in relation to violent and sexual crimes.  Using a number of case studies from real life events, this compelling course will help you to understand the psychological factors which come into play when an individual commits a serious offence. See below for more information:  

Forensic Psychology Diploma 

Jobs and Careers in Criminology, CSI and Forensic Psychology in UK


Graduates also have a diverse range of career options such as education, government, consulting, criminal courts and many more. 

There are four possible career routes graduates can take  after successful completion of the Criminology, CSI, and Forensic Psychology Diploma courses. 

LAW: After completing the diploma, students will gain an entry route to study law. Which can open up careers paths to becoming a solicitor or barrister.

CSI: Crime scene investigation is a specialised profession, which means there are less opportunities in comparison to law, forensic science and forensic psychology. Crime scene investigators are usually civilians who are hired by police, to help with investigation. 

FORENSIC SCIENCE: Employment in the Forensic Science Sector has increased in the last 10 years, due to the advances of technology. The work involved for a forensic scientist is analysing samples such as hair, glass, drugs, etc in the lab, studying crime scenes, run scientific tests and providing evidence in court. 

: If you are interested in Forensic Psychology, your job will be the assessment and treatment of criminal behaviour. Your work will help to rehabilitate prisoners.