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Keith Egan - Graduate Diploma in Management Course


I found the Graduate Diploma in Management very well organised and the modules had a good mix between academic studies and practical skills. The lecturers at CMI were very knowledgeable and approachable. The financial skills gained on one part of the course contributed to my career advancement. I have moved away from a primarily technical job to a business support role. I have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone interested in advancing their career.





Pamela Mc Cabe - Student Marketing, PR, Sales & Advertising Diploma


As I am progressing in my role as a consumer training executive for Vodafone, I wanted to further my education. CMI stood out to me as a reputable college and the fact that I would come out with a diploma after 6 months really appealed to me. Since starting my course I have been chosen from my team as a role model and am being up-skilled and developed into the role of manager. I really think furthering my education at CMI has helped me to achieve these goals. I also find the CMI team very helpful and always willing to accomodate you.




Dovile Petrylaite - Graduate Diploma in Management Studies



The skills I have gained from the Graduate Diploma in Management course have been very useful when applied to my current role. I found the course was well-structured, and suited to people working full-time. Lecturers were always professional, and the focus on teamwork helped me to get the most out of the exercises.






Robert Smithers - Diploma in Criminology & Forensic Psychology course Graduate


I found the course very stimulating and enjoyable. The course material was up to date and delivered in a well structured and easy to understand format. The classes were challenging and individual participation was encouraged and expected. This resulted in a unique learning experience for me and one I believe will stay with me for a long time. Great for my confidence and well worth a go!






Aisling Kelly - Event Management Diploma Graduate


I found the Event Management course extremely interesting, challenging & rewarding. I found that there was great cmimgmt between the tutors, students & the college at CMI. Overall I found the course enjoyable and very beneficial to my future career. I would certainly attend further courses in CMI.







Kay Donnellan - Diploma in Journalism & Media Course Graduate


By studying CMI's Diploma in Journalism and Media, I developed my oral, written and visual cmimgmt abilities. I also learned how to present information and work under the pressure of deadlines. CMI staff always responded immediately to all my queries and were friendly and professional at all times. Thanks again, CMI, the course was a very enjoyable experience for me and has made an impact to my future direction.






Adrienne Mc Gunnigle: Project Management Advanced Diploma Graduate


I enrolled in the Project Management course with CMI because having worked in PM for the last few years, I felt it necessary to obtain an accredited qualification, to support my experience. Having now successfully completed the course, I can say that I found the PM modules to be varied and interesting and I have integrated some of the practical knowledge gained from certain lectures, into my current working role. In this course, I found there was a great deal of lecture notes to review/interpret so if you want to do well, be prepared to put in the time and effort!





Ciarán Hanna:  Diploma in Journalism & Media Graduate

ciaran hanna

"I had been a teacher of English in France for four years and decided to do the things I should have done years ago, so I took the brave (and difficult) decision to leave France for the CMI Journalism and Media course in Dublin, having had no previous journalism experience before.

I planned the final year in France around the CMI course beginning in May 2011 and graduated with Merit in 2012.

I am now Acting Editor of, a site that tries to give a flavour of what is happening on the island of Ireland in news, politics, sport, tourism, education, environment, entertainment, all solely related to Ireland.

The course helped me in many ways, in the differences between opinions pieces and hard news stories, internet writing, sub-editing, managing news, getting a story, but what is particulary useful was the house style and grammatical do's and don'ts with news writing".





Olayinka Dixon Diploma in Journalism & Media Course Graduate


The staff and lecturers at CMI are very friendly, helpful and professional. Studying at CMI is one of the best choices I have made towards progressing my career. Suddenly, everything seems possible….. Thank you so much to you guys…THIS is one of the BEST Colleges I have ever attended in all my life...(NO flattery here - and I have attended many!!) 







Akeem Raham - Advanced Diploma in Event Management Course Graduate and Marketing/PR Sales & Advertising Graduate


CMI has made achieving my educational goals so much easier, with excellent courses and splendid learning conditions. I enrolled on a second course within the same academic year (having enjoyed the first so much) which has opened a plethora of opportunities for me in my new career. Thanks guys, you are simply brilliant and I couldnt have done it without you. 






Tracy Laverty: Diploma in Business Management & Psychology Course Graduate:


I chose to study at CMI because the staff at CMI invest a lot of time in understanding and looking after their students and I wanted to ensure career progression and advancement. The part time Business Management & Psychology course appealed to me as I want to include more aspects of marketing and business management to my field of experience. To do this, I needed a good theoretical background and up to date marketing knowledge. I gained a thorough understanding of this from studying with CMI and have already started putting my qualifications to good use. Overall good value for money and highly recommended !





Fiona Quinn: Business Management & Psychology Course Diploma Graduate


I made a decision to study on a part-time basis and the CMI Business Management & Psychology course suited perfectly. The course covered two modules that I was particularly interested in, Marketing and Human Resources. Everyone was treated with a mutual degree of respect, and opinions were really valued. Experiences shared from other students and lecturers made learning feel effortless. Completing the modules allowed me to apply the knowledge I had gained to my role at work. I enjoyed the marketing so much that I intend to further my education by commencing a part-time marketing degree course next year.


Mike Coughlan Project Management Adv Diploma


I found that the course was good value for money, had small class sizes with experienced people from different backgrounds. I also found the lecturers to be very knowledgeable and current as they were working as project Managers during the day as well as lecturing in the evenings and weekends which I found particularly valuable. This course is recognised by PMI and the award comes from the Institute of Commercial and Management in the UK which has commonwealth wide recognition. I found this aspect useful for job applications in Australia. I hope to continue developing my career in the planning and scheduling area and Iam available to anyone who may need FREE extra help in this area. I am happy to act as a referee for anyone who wants to e-mail me regarding the course,



Julie Doyle - Advanced Diploma in Project Management Course


I signed up for the Advanced Diploma in Project Management with CMI as I was unemployed at the time. I noted that many job specs listed a project management role as a requirement. I found the course to be very comprehensive and informative. It provided a good insight into the highs and lows of managing projects across a broad range of disciplines. Having successfully completed the course at CMI, I have recently gained employment. Completing the course was a contributory factor to getting the job. I do feel that the knowledge and qualification attained has been of enormous benefit to me. It has equipped me with a good practical understanding of the various roles and responsibilities that come with managing a project. I feel that this knowledge will not only continue to help me in my current role, working as part of a busy team, but has also provided me with a strong skill-set that can be utilised across any industry. Successful completion of this course does require a lot of hard work and dedication !!  It is worth it to attain the qualification and multi-disciplinary skills.



Aoife Nic Reamoinn - Criminology & Forensic Psychology Course Diploma Graduate:


Having previously studied Forensic Science I found myself questioning what degree to pursue. Luckily I came across the Diploma in Criminology and Forensic Psychology that CMI ran and I decided to study with them. Emily was always extremely helpful with my many questions and very professional. The Lecturer was fantastic and extremely experienced in Criminology which really showed in the lectures. I have now decided to study a degree which will hopefully lead to my acceptance onto the Masters in Criminology once I complete my degree. I would highly recommend CMI as the diploma they awarded to me has definitely helped me pursue my degree.


Aileen Mc Carthy - Event Management Diploma Course Graduate


The overall service provided was very professional. It was extremely beneficial attending the Event Management Course in CMI, learning from very professional, friendly, reliable lecturers with exceptionally relevant experience. Lecturers always did their best to assist students by answering questions swiftly and provided real event examples where possible. They even went as far as answering queries via email outside the course time. I have no hesitation in recommending CMI courses to friends who are interested in furthering their careers in the Event Management sector.


Peter Fulham: Advanced Diploma in HR Management


CMI has filled a gap in my life. I am stimulated not just by facinating course content, but by lecturers and fellow classmates. It has given me a sense of purpose, and I feel happy knowing I'm learning something I'm so interested in.