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Many Courses, Many Awarding Bodies - National Qualification Authorities

If you intend to go to university, it is useful but not essential if your course is aligned to one of the national frameworks of qualifications in England (Ofqual) or Scotland (SQA) or Ireland (QQI Quality & Qualifications Ireland). 

For career progression, an industry recognised award will be just as effective as a course on a level.

There are many reputable industry bodies whose courses are not aligned to any framework and are very effective in achieving your career and educational goals e.g. PMI Project Management Institute, Chartered Society of Forensic Science, CMI UK.


CMI Courses are validated in UK & Ireland

CMI delivers state recognised awards which are validated by the regulatory authorities responsible for the education framework levels in England, Scotland and Ireland. 


CMI Courses are:


Recognised by Ofqual. Ofqual is the Office for Examinations & Qualifications for England.


Recognised by SQA is the Scottish Qualifications Authority for Scotland. 

Recognised by QQI Quality and Qualifications Ireland (these courses were formally FETAC level 5-6 courses). 

CMI is quality approved by a number of Ofqual validated awarding bodies including CQI Chartered Quality Institute, CIPS - Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply, and CMI Chartered Management Institute.  

CMI is quality approved by NEBOSH, National Examinations Body in Occupational Safety & Health which is approved by the SQA Scottish Qualifications Authority.

CMI is quality approved to deliver up to 10 validated programmes directly from QQI Qualifications & Quality Ireland.



What level is the course I’m doing?


To check the level of award CMI offers from a UK awarding body, simply search for the name of the awarding body organisation CLICK here 

To find out courses QQI has approved and validated for CMI -  CLICK HERE  


How does my qualification level in England compare to other countries?


Each course offered is at a certain level on the respective frameworks in England, Ireland and Scotland.


Once a course/qualification is approved by Ofqual or SQA or QQI  they are broadly comparable. 


The document, Qualifications can cross boundaries - a rough guide   is a useful guide to broadly comparing qualifications in the UK and Ireland. This was published by each of the Quality Regulatory Bodies representing England, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Awards issued in England or Scotland.  In addition there is a recently launched European-wide website comparison, which supports this comparison of different national education systems.


CMI bases its comparisons on this important Qualifications guide. Here is a table below taken from the guide to make it easier for you to compare levels across borders.


A full listing of accredited UK Awarding bodies and qualifications and their respective levels can be found on by Searching organisation or qualification title on the National Database of Accredited Qualifications (NDAQ). 

Table of Comparison



NFQ (Republic of Irel)

Of Qual (England)

SQA (Scotland)

Masters/ Post Grad Dip




Higher Dip/Hons degree/Grad Dip

8 or 7



Ord Degree

7 or 6



Higher Cert



8 & 7

Cert Award





Source: Qualification can cross Boundaries Guide